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Chatham, Massachusetts is a seaside village located on the elbow of Cape Cod, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Pleasant Bay and Nantucket Sound. The 18th century seaside community that once encompassed large shipping, whaling and fishing industries has left a considerable amount of original, antique buildings. Now the home of the Coast Guard at Chatham Lighthouse, the Chatham Angler's Cape Cod Baseball League team as well as a very posh selection of visitors, the town continues to cultivate a robust tourist following.

The sea greatly dominates the history and activity of the community, supplying surfers, boaters and fisherman with a wealth of activity. So that increasing number of families are making this nautical destination their year round residence. While winter months often sustain cold temperatures, the privacy of Cape Cod, splendor of the natural surroundings and strong sense of community make this an ideal New England locality.

Chatham Real Estate, an affiliate of Luxury Real Estate international network was founded by local, Rick Smith to help provide homes to those wishing to experience the incredible beaches, unspoiled vistas and small town charm of Chatham, Massachusetts. For a list of the current properties for sale, to make an inquiry regarding consultation of your Chatham home or for information on renting a property call the office at 508-945-0000 or visit our website at
Enjoy First Night Chatham 2012
Click the picture above to Buy A Button online for entrance into all the fun and activities this New Years Eve!

Enjoy First Night Chatham 2012

Click the picture above to Buy A Button online for entrance into all the fun and activities this New Years Eve!

Good Morning from Chatham Real Estate!

Leaving the office in the afternoon yesterday and making my way down Shore Road, I thought to stop at the Chatham Fish Pier. Fall afternoon’s are always a great time to be reminded of how beautiful the ocean looks. Luckily, I was able to grab a few glimpses of the activity along the docks including, fisherman shoveling ice, boats making their way into mooring and our lovely, furry friends basking in the attention. (sigh) Fall in Chatham. Simply the best.

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Chatham Farmer’s Market Every Tuesday from 3pm to 6:30 pm.

Located at 2624 Main St. on Rt. 28 in Chatham, MA.

Help support local businesses and the community.

Purchase everything from fresh herbs to locally caught seafood, to all you need for a enviable summer table. For detailed information and pictures visit the link belowto ”like” the Chatham Farmer’s Market on Facebook.

Dining In

Fisherman sorting and binning the local catch at the Chatham pier has been captured by photographers, in films and by thousands of people that visit the busy hub each year. The benefit of living along the Atlantic means that the diversity of sea life is always freshest on your plate. The town has blossomed in recent years, attracting new galleries and boutiques, however, there continues to be a struggle for a more diverse and greater selection of restaurants. This summer, with the sale of the Chatham staple, Marley’s Restaurant, Chatham may be able to aid these issues, bringing new interest to the area, as well as, to extend the communities interest in fresh, local foods.  

The popular Chatham eatery that went on the market in February, is not simply an opportunity for a restaurateur to make a statement in the upscale, central Chatham area. It will also, give residents and visitors new reason to stay local when dining out.

If you’re thinking of visiting: the restaurant is located on Rt. 28 in Chatham at 1077 Main Street.

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A New Statement of Grand

Chatham has known luxury. The town has welcomed the entrance of high-end boutiques into the early turn of the century, renovated antique homes, manicured lawns and chic alcoves. Though subtly charming, Chatham has remained a playground for affluence. Local resorts include a collection of the worlds most high living hotels often encouraging annual visitors to purchase homes in the area. Chatham, however, is about to see the debut of its first Luxury Townhome community.

Queen Anne Living Townhomes will be built upon the 170 year old grounds of what  currently resides the Queen Anne Inn. Once a private residence built in 1897, the inn was transformed to its current state in 1979 by hotelier Gunther Weinkopf. While expansive, the townhome community will only include seven, private addresses. Talk about exclusivity.

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It’s that time of year and the signs are finally here. Busy Chatham streets with license plates from all over, crowded stores with late hours, beach goers with chairs and towels in hand, and of course the colors of a holiday; red, white and blue! From the beginning to the end of Main Street, the Fourth of July has made its entrance and is here to stay. American flags and buntings can be seen outside every store and business. Orchids, hydrangeas and verbena are planted in gardens and flower boxes galore. Every window is bursting with red, white and blue decor.

Here at Chatham Real Estate we are joining the bandwagon as well! The buntings are at the top of our store front windows, and the verbenas are perfectly in bloom. The businesses around us are making their mark too! It’s another perfect Summer Season here in Chatham, now let’s just pray for beautiful, barbecue worthy weather! Happy Holiday!

Since 2004, Chatham’s historical boards have been granting prizes to those property owners that maintain historic residences in the old town in Chatham, Massachusetts. A great selection of the homes, largely constructed around the turn of the century, require recent stabilization and restructuring. The Chatham Preservation Awards have been em placed to acknowledge those homeowners which have maintained the “architectural significance of the property during the project, preserved or replicated historic materials, and projected a high quality of craftsmanship. The project must also, significantly impact the preservation of the town’s historic fabric, neighborhoods and resources.”

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